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How might we make learning less isolated, more celebrated by all?

What could others learn from you? We all have skills and talents that others could learn from...I just don't think we know how to let others know, we don't want to "show off" or other reasons. I'd like to see us consider a "you win - I win" ideal...that your learning is my gain.

The Innovator

Carol Nelson

Education Technology Specialist, USD 418 McPherson

Mrs. Carol Nelson received her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Wichita State University, along with an Educational Technology Certificate. In addition to being a Google Certified Trainer and a Google Innovator, Carol is also a ISTE Certified Educator and an Apple Teacher. Her career in education has provided her with experience in all grades, kindergarten through college, as well as experience in both private and public school settings. Carol is passionate about teaching, learning, and technology. Her technology passion is evident as she presents both online and in person.

The Innovator Project

How might we make learning less isolated, more celebrated by all (you win, we all win)?

Solution Title: “Ask Me” - Peer Expert Hub

Solution Slogan: You Win - I Win

The idea is to create a database/hub of areas each teacher is gifted/talented -- both professionally and personally. This is about celebrating and not competing...recognizing that we can learn and grow from each other. We have expertise scattered throughout the school/district and sometimes teachers may not always know who to reach out to for advice and mentoring. The peer hub (teacher to teacher) can help teachers utilize and share existing expertise, set up ongoing mentoring relationships or just get quick advice.

Purpose & Impact

Agency - The teacher-to-teacher expert network empowers teachers with greater access to expertise to help them solve problems and grow professionally.

Collaboration - The database/hub promotes cross-functional collaboration that otherwise might not be possible. Connecting teachers across disciplines, grade levels (and eventually school sites) is an effective way to spark innovative ideas. This collaboration can also work to create a sense of unity within a school or the district.

Professional Growth - Both experts and those who are taught or mentored by them grow professionally as a result of peer-to-peer learning experiences.

Efficiency - Our best resources are often the teachers within our own buildings or district. This can be an untapped source of problem solving, professional development, and helpful information. Utilizing internal expertise can also save on the costs of hiring external experts.


Step 1: Introduction of the idea with staff.

Proposed trial launch with one school

Step 2: "Expert Drive"

Encourage everyone within the school to identify things they are especially good at and share via a Google Form

The Form will also gather how that individual would like to collaborate:

👉 Feedback is welcome on the Google Form Draft -- https://forms.gle/AmeTZ97kYzNNg7Vs5

👉 Feedback can be submitted here

Once the information is gathered, it will be gathered into a searchable database. A user would search for an area that they would like to learn more, like “classroom management”. The database would retrieve all individuals that noted “classroom management” as their strength.

Step 3: Database

The information from the Form will be collected into a searchable database.

This component is in process and can be updated prior to the April meeting with EES.

March 8th I have a meeting around creating the database with a fellow Google Innovator.

Additional Ideas

Optional: Door Hangers or Door Sign

A sign that could be hung outside the participants classroom that showcases the skills that they would like to be “ask” about.

It could even become a “glow and grow” - listing both areas of expertise, but also growth opportunities. This could create a unique opportunity for someone with the expertise to step out and connect with those seeking the learning.

Future Plans

Continued Growth and Vision